Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Weekend in Boston

We had a wonder holiday weekend visiting my brother and his family in Boston, MA for Labor Day weekend. We were lucky enough to have Mom and Dad there as well.

Being an 8-10 hour drive from MD and with me not able to leave the house until it is sparkling, we did not arrive until about 5AM. As a result, we were pretty much useless on Friday and missed out on the family bike ride.

On Saturday were able to have a fun canoe and kayak trip. Dad rode in Mike's kayak, Mike rode in mine and I rode with Dave and the kids in their canoe. We had a fun time paddling along the creek through historic MA. You are probably asking yourself, "why is Dad using your kayak and not riding in the canoe?" Well, Dad was the one who won the dip in the water! Yes, he tipped the kayak and took a little swim! And yes, it was quite funny ...

It was great to see Dave's beautiful new home and enjoy the family!

Pictures, ha ha ... Mike left the photo card at Dave's and Beth is sending it ... so we should get it by Thankgiving. Love ya Beth! :)


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