Monday, December 18, 2006

11:30 PM ...

So it's 11:30PM and I am just sitting here in the family room without any desire to go to sleep. And yes, I have full day of conference calls tomorrow.

I've already made 2 different batches of cookies (one that I even doubled) and the dishes are done, I cleaned the house this weekend, I've already run my 3 miles and taken a shower ... I can wrap presents, but I know if I go upstairs I may wake up Mike ... I could read the new book I started, but the light would probably wake him up as well ... I know, I'll reprogram my TV.

Great, now that I've started it, I am committed to the additional 50 mintues it will take to complete. Now just watching it program, I'm ready to fall asleep and I can't.

Hmm ... I've already let the dogs out. That was a task in itself. Kodi barked at Teva and wouldn't let her out so I had to push her out the door. Then when it was time to bring them in, Kodi ran in and Teva was still in the yard. When I called for her, Kodi wouldn't let her in the house. As I struggled with him to get out of the way to let Teva in Lucy ran out (she's an indoor only cat). So I then ran after her, realizing I left the door just a crack open where I saw Bishop making a run for it. I went to shut the door quickly and almost snapped Kodi's nose, where he was still barking. I then had to fish Lucy out from under the steps, shove Kodi out of the doorway and yell at Teva to come in, who was completely frightened of both me and Kodi at this point. All this at 10:15PM. I know my neighbors just love us.

As a result, I resorted to tall, cool, calming glass of diet coke ... hmmm ... I wonder why I'm still awake ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss you Bec :)


9:51 AM  

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