Saturday, May 05, 2007

Domestic Engineering

So what have I been doing my first two weeks of domestication? LOVING LIFE!!!

I've spent the day at the outlets with Michelle, an afternoon at the park with Jana and Brooke, explored and shopped downtown Frederick with Jana, gardened the front yard, planted a tree and two bushes, created a flagstone wall in the back yard, got sunburn, work out in the morning with Maren, Holly and Shanna, work out in the evening with Maddie for our triathalon, reading, making Mike dinner, ironing his shirts ... I am really having fun!

What's funny is that we had book club last night and because I have been so busy, I had to spend my entire day Friday finishing the book.

Up until today, I've been feeling great ... unfortunately this morning, while I was helping some friends move into their new home, Miss Graceful here sprained her ankle. I am really bumbed too. I was suppose to run in a 5K tonight but instead have spent the day on the couch elevating and icing my ankle. I look like I have an orange growing out of the side of my ankle. I am so hoping it will be better by Monday to resume my training for the triathalon.

But, on the plus side, because Mike and I were not at the 5K, we received a call from a missionary that used to be in our area to pop in for dinner and spent a lovely evening with him and his missionary companion.

Now, Mike is at the movies to see Spiderman with friends and I am here with my purple swollen ankle ... ugh!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OUCH! I hope it's not broken?!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous mk said...

I made it into your blog!! I have arrived.

I hope we can go out again soon!! love ya

6:12 PM  
Blogger Aaron & Debbie said...

i love you and hope you feel better to run!

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bec! Time for a new post! I gotta know about all the fun your having! STOP, take a moment to blog about it! I love you!


6:12 PM  

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