Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary - 13 Years

This year, we took our anniversary trip to San Francisco! As Michael has been there many times, this was my first experience. We had a wonderful time - our favorite was driving down the coast in our convertible! And, as is fashion with me, I did get sunburn. That is as well my annual anniversary present to myself!

  • Year 12 - Whitewater Rafting in PA - Class V - Awesome!!!
  • Year 11 - NYC to see The Producers with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick - loved it.
  • Year 10 - Whitewater Rafting in PA - Class III - Survived!
  • Year 9 - Bahamas/Bermuda - need I say more! (See posting below)
  • Year 8 - Just dinner - Mike was in grad school.
  • Year 7 - Manti, UT - Enjoyed a wonderful family trip for the wedding of my sister.
  • Year 6 – Rahobeth Beach, MD - Ended up being the coldest weekend ever in June.
  • Year 5 - Shannondoah Valley, VA - Kayaking - I survived - Mike flipped over.
  • Year 4 - San Diego, CA - Loved the Aquarium - couldn't wait to eat seafood afterword.
  • Year 3 - Brianhead, UT - Skiing - Michael, in trying to impress me by skiing backwards, fell into a tree patch.
  • Year 2 - Pine Valley, UT - Camping - Michael taught me how to fish.
  • Year 1 - Toronto, Canada - Phatom of the Opera - we were so poor we were in the nose bleed section – it was also the weekend OJ went wild on the CA freeway.

Friday, June 09, 2006

San Diego in December

In December 2005, I had the wonderful opportunity to assist Debbie with her new addition, Luke. Evan and Kyle love their new little brother. They are a so much fun and are so sweet.

Debbie kept us busy; going to the park, shopping, beach, making brownie Christmas trees, creating a sand snowman - she has quite a bit of energy for a new mom!

I had a great time, it was really hard to leave!
(And I'm not even talking about the fantastic San Diego weather.)