Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baltimore Marathon

(Mike, me, Becky, Brenda, Beth)

Well ... we did it!

It was a beautiful day - high of 76, which starting at 8:00am, the weather was perfect! We started the day by taking a limo out to the race so we wouldn't have to stress about parking, traffic, etc. There were 13 of us that rode out together for the full marathon. It was awesome as the stretch limo drove right up to the front and dropped us off at check-in.

There were so many people (17,000 runners), we had a hard time just getting to our starting positions. It was insane, but great at the same time.

Mike and Beth came down later for the half marathon - Mike did awesome completing it in 2:10 - Great Job Mike! Beth completed it in 2:55 - she said her body was done at mile 3 but she finished it!

For me, well ... I did complete my 20 miles I trained for, but after that, my body was DONE - I walked the last 6 miles. Up until mile 20, I was on par for a 4:40 time, but ended up doing it in 5:20 - ugh. I realized at around mile 19 that my body is just not built for running marathons and I was done.

But now I am already planning my strategy for the next one - what is wrong with me :) Salt Lake, here we come! (Mike said he is going to do the full with me - he is going to kick my butt)

Below are some of the photos Dave took, there will be more to come. Enjoy ...

(Beth - Maren, me, Becky at mile 25.5)