Monday, July 14, 2008

Independence Weekend

We had a wonderful time with my parents and brother and family during the holiday weekend.

We have an annual tradition of going to our friend's home and having a July 4 breakfast celebration complete with cookout breakfast, jungle gym for the kids, tree swing, huge campfire, speakers that include a military general, our congressman, leaders of the church, war vets, patriotic songs by children and a barber shop quartet, raising of the flag, salute to our veterans, etc. All in appreciation of the USA!!! We love to do this as we really feel it starts out the 4th reminding us what it's all about.

Approximately 700 people showed up this year - did I mention he has 20 acres of land.

That evening we decided to do a big dinner and have fireworks in the backyard with a campfire of our own, smores and all! Not only did we have our own fireworks to enjoy, but we had our neighbors shooting them off out back and we could see our downtown fireworks as well. At least we were able to have Mom and Dad both join us this year as they have missed out in the past due to health limitations.

We also played games, went swimming (thank you Rebecca!), rode bikes, went to the movies, driving range, etc. I think Ben's favorite part of the trip was his own TV in the bedroom he was staying in!

I am so grateful to my brother and parents for taking these long trips to come down. I so enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews and family! Thank you for your sacrifices to be here with us!