Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Following the Pokomoke Triathlon, a few of us did another Sprint Triathlon in Rocky Gap Maryland. It's more of a fun one up in the "mountains" of Maryland. Mike joined us on this one. It's always fun to have him running it too. My friend Rebecca come in 3rd in her division!
Unfortunately, we have no pictures since we were all doing the race.

A couple of weeks later several of my friends and I ran the Baltimore 10 miler. We had our Pasta Party the night before as our calorie builder, but this time, Mike made homemade pasta with homemade sauce for us. Yummy! Later that night, or should I say morning, Dave and Beth came in from Boston to Beth to run with us. It's always that much more fun when they come!

It turned out to be an awesome day: 80 degree, rain and thunder/lighting. It actually is me preferred running climate.

The Start of the race, just before the rain started :)

Jim, Brenda, Rebecca, Dave, Maddie ---- Brenda, Harris, Rebeca, Dave, Maddie

Mike and I (yes, Mike ran it too) ---- Becky and Rich

Becky, me, Beth

Monday, June 01, 2009

Pocomoke Triathlon

So we went back to conquered the first triathlon Maddie and I did two years ago - we wanted to crush our times - and we did!

4/10 mile Swim from 16:03 to 13:22
14.3 mile Bike from 57:22 to 45:50
5k Run from 51:47 to 30:37

I wonder what I could have accomplished if we had really trained! It was a beautiful and perfect day of 82 degrees. How insane are we though, drove 6 hours round trip to complete a 1.5 hour race.

The best, Rebecca was not thrilled about doing this race at all, especially the swimming, and yet she came in 3rd place in her age group - way to go girl!
Two weeks until the next one :)