Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally Updating

So it has definitely been a while since I have updated my blog, so know that I have some down time, I figured it's about time. Keep scrolling down as I am updating in reverse chronological order.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We took some time off and headed up to Boston for a week to travel around and spend some time with Dave and his family.

We had a great time. We made trips for Rhode Island, New Hampshire and the coast of Massachusetts. Cape Cod was on our list, but Obama and his family were there vacationing and it was going to be virtually impossible to get out to the island.

Cliff Walk - Newport, Rhode Island

Cape Ann - Rockport, Massachussets

Climbing Mt. Monadnock, New Hampshire (3,165 feet)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

August, too

Right after the Tri, I came home, took a nap and drove up to Rochester, sans Michael. My sister was visiting from Utah, and since I don't get to see often, it was worth the trip.

It was great to see her. Unfortunately, I was arriving as my brother was leaving. But we did get a day all together.

We cut Mom's hair.


Mid-August I did the Luray Triathlon. I wasn't feeling too good, so I didn't do so good. The temperature his over 100 for the run, many people were affected by the heat. But, I still had fun ;)

Rebeccah, me, Brenda, Maddie

Harris ---- Me ---- Maddie

Brenda ---- Rebecca ---- Me

Rebecca, Maddie, Harris

Harris trying to make me feel better :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Fourth of July weekend was great. We went to the annual gathering at the Olson Farm where there is a huge spread for breakfast. Everyone brings something to share along with eggs, ham, pancakes, omelets, sausage, etc. A heart attach in waiting. Last year there were an estimated 750 people.

Bro. Olson is a member of our ward and well connected with local military base. He works with disabled veterans. This year, as with others, we honored a soldier lost in the war in Iraq and presented his mother with our appreciation and a tribute to her son. He also had soldiers as far as World War I in attendance that we had the opportunity to honor. One of them was originally from my home town in Rochester, New York.

Luckily it wasn't as hot as it had been in other years, making the program a bit more enjoyable this year.

Later that day, we met friends at the Antietam Battlefield for the Maryland Orchestra and fireworks. A friend's wife in the Orchestra as a violinist. Again, we had a GREAT time.


A few weeks later I did the Diamond in the Rough Triathlon. This is my first one in open water, the Chesapeake Bay. I slacked off a bit in my training, so I didn't think I did as well - boy, was I surprised when I won 3rd place in my division!