Monday, November 26, 2007

November Rain

This past month was pretty quiet and uneventful. Which is just fine with me! Things have been crazy and it's nice to have things quiet once in a while.

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving! My parents and brother and family came down to spend the holiday with us. On Wednesday, the boys played golf while us girls went shopping (of course). Then we spent the evening making pie crusts.

Thanksgiving day Beth and I ran the annual Turkey Trot with several friends - I made my best time! Now if I can just maintain that on a long run ... The boys were to play in the annual Turkey Bowl, but unfortunately Michael started the awful stomach flu that has been going around. He was able to have a few small bites of food during dinner and went right back to bed.

That night, we decided to take a second go at the midnight outlet shopping ... apparently last year was not enough torture sitting on the expressway for an 1 hour only to attempt to turn around and head home. All together, the trip was 3 hrs of traffic (typically a 20 minute drive).

This year we went to different outlet and made it there with no traffic and parked right away. But when we got there, we realized the traffic was all coming from the other direction and the shopping was insane! Lines just to get into the stores - lines to check out that wrapped around the inside of the stores. What was so fantastic that people had to wait outside of the stores for hours to get inside or checkout? We found out ... NOTHING! They manipulated everyone to thinking there were these great deals that I realized were no different from when I was there a week ago and were lasting through the entire weekend! In fact, we back on Saturday and made our purchases with these same deals and no lines. This will be the last year of midnight outlet shopping!

Since we did not get home until 4:00am, we were beat on Friday and spent it as a very wonderfully lazy day!

The kids were great! We all enjoyed the family games on the Wii (we even got Dad to play!). Especially creating our own characters! Poor Dave, since Mike was down all weekend, they didn't get to play paintball or golf. Thanks for being a good sport Dave! But Dave did enjoy the scooter!!!

I'm so grateful they all came down - thank you for making the long trip and I love you all!

I now prepare for Mike's Dad and Grandfather this weekend - I'm still finishing dishes and laundry ... ugh!


Blogger debbie said...

good job on your run girl! i wish i could have done it with you. hopefully i will be ready for next oct:)

love ya!

10:43 PM  
Anonymous the highlight addict said...

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving, even though poor Mike did not!

November 27

3:52 AM  
Anonymous mlk said...

ditto to Highlights comments!!
love ya

5:10 PM  
Anonymous the highlight addict said...

Fun pictures! And, I caught a glimpse of super-in-shape you!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Jake and Libby: said...

YEAH! For the pictures!!!!! I love to see my family!

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful. I'm sure the dinner was wonderful. Sorry to hear about Mike being sick. I love th epicture of Dad. It's a classic.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous the highlight addict said...

Yep, still looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving...let me guess...up next Christmas! Just giving you a hard time...I hope you know...miss you and hope you are well!

12:51 PM  

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