Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blah vs. Blog

Ok, ok ... so I was talking with a dear friend this morning and she made the joke that I had a blah not a blog :) Ok, so there is some proof to back that up as I lack on updating my blog on a regular basis. Well, I am quite busy in 'my life of leisure', as my brother calls it.

Since I have been back from vacation, I have been working at the store, cleaning the house and starting new projects. We just upgraded our kitchen with granite. It looks so different. I keep looking and the room and don't recognize it. We went from light Formica to dark granite. But we really like it.

Our only oops is that with our new sink the drains are at the rear of the basin as opposed to middle. We were like, 'hey, we can re-hook all this up, it's so simple', so a week and a half later, our plumber just left and I now have a sink and dishwasher again. Hmm ... lessons learned.

Tomorrow is a visit from Best Buy to attempt to fix our TV which is turning yellow. I was watching this show the other day and thought 'how cute is that green dress'. I then went to the upstairs TV and realized the dress was actually blue ... hmm, not as cute. I am getting a headache from it!!!

I also got the Baltimore Marathon packet this week. There are 5,500 people signed up just for the half-marathon. Oh my!!! That does not include the Marathon, 5K and Relay all happening at the same time. But, set your DVR's as there are suppose to be cut-ins on the Today Show of the run - Saturday, Oct 13 starting at 8:00AM (the half starts at 9:45AM)! For those in MD, set it to channel 11. I'm sure you will be able to pick me out the crowd EASILY!


Anonymous mk said...

That sounds like the funniest person ever. You should really stay in touch with that person. I mean look what ever she or he said made you enter something!! I feel like I am closer to you already. I will make sure to look out for you on TV while I am nestled on my couch with my feet up and snoozing every now and again. I have no idea why I can't seem to lose weight? I watch people run all the time..gheesh
You are the best!!! We are coming over to visit the new kitchen. It really does change everything. I can hardly wait. love ya

8:31 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

I bet your kitchen looks so great! When we get back to MD, if we go back to our old house, we are going to do something similar with our kitchen. So--now that I think of it, I can have mk's laminate floor (we did that in April) and your countertops! I know, I can't seem to have an original idea but you two have such great taste!!

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow-where's the pictures of your kitchen? I know Mike is only second to Dave in taking a lot of pictures. Let see it! I know you will do great with your run. I'm proud of you for training so much. I mean really, a half marathon and a triathalon already under your belt. I never would have guessed it 10 years ago. Way to go!

10:36 AM  

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