Wednesday, September 26, 2007

California Trip

I was waiting until my sister forwarded our pictures from my visit to SanDiego, but I'll just have to post those later. I had a WONDERFUL time visiting with my sister in CA. We re landscaped her front yard, drag the kids all over town, spent the weekend in Hollywood/LA, and I have finally seen Wicked. It is an awesome show.

At the show we were seated next to a young gay guy that was hilarious, and for some reason felt that he was the first and only gay I had ever encountered - hello, I have a hair dresser you know (jk). It was funny. I think he had just come out of the closet recently and was really excited about it.

We were determined to see at least one star. So, we took a walk down Malibu beach and are convinced that we walked past probably one star's home. I also stepped on a bee. Didn't know that bee's hung out on the beach did ya. Deb had never been down Rodeo, so we went through Beverly Hills and drove down Rodeo. We also took a little side trip to Santa Monica and walked the Pramanade and Pier. We had a lot of fun. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

We drove passed Tori (Spelling) and Dean's Bed & Breakfast and snapped a few photos.

Ev did tell me I was the best aunt ever! HA!!! And Kyle said I am his buddy - I miss them all so much. Aaron was so patient with all the time I took of Deb's. I think because he knew that right after I was leaving he was going to whisk her away to Tahiti for a romantic getaway.

Hope you are having a great time Deb!!!


Anonymous mk said...

I love love love Wicked!! It is my very favorite. Of course, I really don't have much to balance that judgment against. I have only really seen very few. I would go to see this over and over. I don't think I would see the others twice!
Your family makes me wish I liked mine!! Not the bee on the beach thing but the fun of touring around. I can hardly wait to see what you brought back for me...hee hee just joking. I know you had to have it mailed. I am still waiting; silly post office must have lost it. Sorry I bet it was way neat and totally expensive!

8:39 PM  
Blogger Life in Maryland said...

I am so sad you didn't get the gift, I sent one to everyone ... that darn post office ... maybe it's with the packages to Emily in Germany :)

11:02 AM  
Blogger debbie said...

i am back and needing to update my blog in a bad way. i had the best time with you and have never laughed so hard in my life, i miss you so much. it amazes me what a bond you can have with someone that is 13 yrs different in age and we live so far apart. i love you sis and am so proud of you. thanks for taking time off from "work" and mike (thank you mike) to spend time with us. we all love you and miss you!

1:08 AM  

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